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What Rehab Options Do Alcohol Addicts Have?

If your loved one is addicted to alcohol, it’s critical that he/she gets help as soon as possible. Rehab centers are among the dozen of options where people addicted to alcohol can get help from. Do you know of the other options you can choose from?

Before choosing a rehab option, you should find out about the extent of the addiction of your loved one. Some of the things you should find out include the causes of the addiction and its severity.

When alcoholism takes a toll on a person, he/she will have a difficult time maintaining good relationships with family members, friends, work colleagues and other people. The only way you can save your loved one from sinking deeper into alcoholism is by finding the right rehab program. The person may take the initiative to enroll in rehab or may be compelled by counselors, friends, supervisors, the court or family members. Enrolling for a treatment program is one of the steps a person has to make to beat the addiction habit.

There are dozens of alcohol rehab centers spread all across the country. Some of the well-known centers have successfully helped alcohol abusers regain their lives through enrolling them in various programs. Inpatient and outpatient treatments are the most common programs available at alcohol rehab centers.

Below is an overview of the alcohol treatment programs available at various centers.

28-Day In-house Program
With an in-patient program, the patient stays in a residential rehab facility. You can select an inpatient rehab facility that is either in our out of state. The best facility to enroll your loved one into is one that is far from the normal environment that may encourage relapsing of the habit.

Most inpatient facilities offer 28-day programs. These rehab centers serve both adults and adolescent patients.

Outpatient Treatments
Patients that enroll in outpatient or day programs receive treatment during the day but go to their homes in the evening. Outpatient programs may require patients to attend specific sessions over a period. The programs also involve the family members of the patient in the rehabilitation exercise.

Outpatient treatment centers have modern facilities, professional staff and counsellors and offer proven programs. The facilities offer comfort and care to people struggling with alcoholism.

Continuing Care
The last option you have is to enroll your loved one to an ongoing treatment program. The patients enrolled in continuing care usually have undergone either intensive inpatient or outpatient care and have been released to go home.

Continuing care is a sort of aftercare that enables patients to live healthier lives and avoid relapse. Experts recommend continuing care to ensure a person fully overcome alcoholism.

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