A Brief History of Writing

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Guidelines To Becoming A Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is not a new thing, it has been there for many years. Writers who were too busy to write their own books looked for other writers to do that for them. Even though it was there in the past, it has expanded due to the advent of the internet and social media. Right now it is not only for novels but ghostwriters can write almost anything. The ghostwriter does the writing and gets paid for it but is not supposed to own the work done. The services of ghostwriters are sought for by so many people today who need help or just don’t want to write themselves. Here is how to become a ghostwriter.

You can continue doing your search for a job but in the meantime, make sure to grow yourself as a writer. There is so much you can do every single day to make yourself a better writer. It is important to have your own blog and write every day. Don’t shy away from social media because it will give you so many opportunities. You need a website to host your blog, this is a must-have. Connect your website to social media through links. It will also help a lot if you would get featured on other popular blogs. The more presence you have the better for you as a ghostwriter.
If you find jobs that are not directly related to ghostwriting, take them. You will be surprised what kind of exposure and experience these jobs will give you. You can become an editor, a blogger or even a copywriter and learn a lot from this. The connections will come in handy because if there is any ghostwriting opportunity comes by, they will know who to give the job. This doesn’t mean that you should only look out for writing jobs because the skills you will get from interviewing, research and even marketing will come in handy.

Now, ghostwriting is essentially being in the writer’s shoes and writing what they would write. You need to know how to interview them to get the information you need to write as they would. Interview friends and family for practice and even write short stories for them. It is very important that you know how to ask the right questions.

Write as different people to practice what you have learned. Learn as many voices as possible to give yourself a good chance when an opportunity does come by. Now you can apply for jobs you see online and give your best samples.

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